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These are the basic ground rules for personal conduct on this list. Work with these rules, and membership on this list will be an uplifting experience for everyone. If you cannot work with them, then please unsubscribe. Any questions, please contact your friendly neighborhood listmom.

If you subscribe to the digest, PLEASE CHANGE THE SUBJECT LINE WHEN REPLYING TO THE LIST!! This makes it easier for everyone to know what subject you're talking about in your reply, and is especially helpful when you're answering someone's question.

DO NOT SEND VIRUS ALERTS TO THE LIST! Most "alerts" recieved by email are hoaxes that have circulated on the Internet for years. Passing on these "alerts" helps no one. The same goes for any other kind of chain letter. Any email you get asking you to "pass it on", just delete it.

I must ask listmembers to NOT SEND ATTACHMENTS TO THE LIST. Many list members receive the digest version of this list, and the digest tends to mangle attachments. Also, some mail programs don't handle attached files very well,and besides, not all listmembers will even WANT to see the attachments. For these reasons, I must ask that you send attachments only to those who ASK FOR THEM, and NOT to the whole list.

Please stay on topic. The reason for this list is to discuss ClarisWorks/AppleWorks, not the state of Apple Computer, or politics, or the merits of Macs vs. PCs. There are many other forums for those subjects on the Internet. If you feel you must discuss an off topic subject, please take to private email.

NO foul language! I want this list to be a pleasant, friendly place to everyone, and foul language detracts from that. Plus, I'm sure you won't want your children to be reading any four-letter words from your email.

Flamewars will NOT be tolerated. I don't mind differing opinions, as long as they are discussed calmly and rationally. Once things degenerate to name-calling and putdowns, it's time to take it off the list. Participants in a flamewar will only get one warning, and then will find themselves unsubscribed. Period.

NO COMMERCIAL SOLICITATIONS! I do not tolerate spammers, and anyone who attempts to spam this list will find themselves kicked off the list and reported to their ISP. If you have a ClarisWorks or AppleWorks-related product, such as a document template, please let me know first so I can decide if it is appropriate to offer to the list.

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